Eilish De Avalon was born and raised in Geelong, Australia by Hungarian-Transylvanian political refugee immigrant parents, her father spoke seven languages and ran a timber and hardware shop for 40 years and her mother was a psychiatric and geriatric nurse and a gifted textile artist in Hungarian folk embroideries and tapestries.

After leaving Deakin University, Eilish worked as a cadet journalist for Murdoch’s Geelong Advertiser specialising in feature writing, then went freelance writing professionally for various independent newspapers and glossy women’s and tourist magazines, published investigative pieces in independent publications and ran her own public relations company Aniko Promotions winning contracts like working for Energy Victoria’s Five Star Energy Efficient Housing Scheme pilot project. She married at 21, moved onto a 100 acre farm called Lazy Acres, helping run the¬†family business with her (former) husband in Heating and Cooling and raising her two sons Kristofer and Matthew who are in their 20s now.

It is often said that we study healing because initially we need healing ourselves. This was certainly true in Eilish’s case. The catalyst for moving from print media journalism into alternative healing was the need to find peace and clarity in her own life in dealing with grief and loss. Having grieved the loss of four members of her immediate family (three siblings and her father) she became naturally curious about the after-life. Her soul searching became somewhat of a spiritual pilgrimage where she questioned her faith, felt herself awakening to other beliefs outside of religious dogma.

Eilish’s spiritual pilgrimage took her through all the main religions and philosophies in a quest for truth, studying the major sacred texts, she practiced practical and ritual magick, meditation, learning how to astral travel, remote view, channel Spirit, practicing yoga, Tantra, the Dharma, many healing modalities.

She moved into working in various healing modalities in her 30s studying Reiki (Mastership) and Spiritual Healing, Auric Diagnostics and Meditation Teaching, then moved into physical therapies learning Indian Head Massage, Hawaiian Kahuna Lomi Lomi Bodywork massage, aromatherapy, and then later Balinese Bodyscrub and Massage Techniques. Her teacher for these modalities was Michelle Boughen from the Gallery of Enlightenment.

Over the years, she’s studied past life regression therapy, been involved in ghost busting, received visions and visitations, she’s delved deeply into divination arts, ascension, mediumship-development circles and has expanded her physical therapies in the holistic day spa business with hot stone massage, ear candling and sound healing.

Having a medically trained mother (specialist nurse) and uncle (neurosurgeon, hospital director) Eilish grew up listening to stories about cadavers and psychiatric patients and surgical miracles and poured over her family’s medical books, however she was quite fascinated in the old ways with her maternal grandmother into divination with playing cards, palms and coffee cups and her paternal grandmother a gifted herbalist who lived until the age of 93. Eilish leaned towards the grandmothers’ old ways and taught herself how to read the tarot cards and playing cards and how to heal with food using common cupboard ingredients and common garden “weeds” like dandelion and nettle and flowers like marigold, as she had observed her grandmothers do. Divination and herbalism was second nature to Eilish and later when she had a series of past-life regressions, she realised why, she’d been doing such things for many lifetimes.

She also studied with Tanishka Tantrika and became initiated as a Pagan Priestess and a Civil Marriage Celebrant performing rites of passage, such as baby namings, renewals of vows, common law and ecclesiastical rites of matrimony, funeral rites and the scattering of ashes. She also sings at many of the weddings she conducts in churches, gardens and beaches. When she started studying Common Law and Sovereignty she realised that the Marriage Act of 1961 which was tied to Property Law was a scam and now specialises in Common Law and Ecclesiastical Law rites of matrimony, as a way of avoiding the corporate government slavery system.

Musically, Eilish is a classically trained pianist and vocalist singing soprano in many church choirs while growing up. Having always played instruments since childhood Eilish also performs as a bhakti yogini offering devotional music sessions in the classical form of Kirtan which is chanting traditionally in Sanskrit but she also does devotional singing sessions in Tibetan, Hebrew, Portuguese, Sufi and Yaruban in non-denominational cross-cultural devotional singing experiences. She has performed up and down the East Coast of Australia playing classical indian instruments such as the harmonium, the sitar, the tempura as well as percussion instruments: medicine drum and chimes. She helped lead devotional chanting for East Coast audiences for many years performing at churches, hippy and alternative lifestyle festivals, ashrams, restaurants and cafes, the Dalai Lama’s birthday for the Melbourne Tibetan Community, Nimbi’s Mardi Grass Festival, shamanic meditation retreats, yoga camps, Kundalini Awakening Shaktipat Initiations. Eilish has been a part of a few bands/ensembles too such as Ecstatic Sound Circle, Sacred Sound Circle, Enchanted Sound Circle, Fire Behaving As Air, Mermaid Music, Goldilocks and the Bipolar Bears and she now has her own performance act by the name of Enchantress.

A mystic without a monastery for most of her life, Eilish has explored expanding her consciousness with various shamanic wisdom plant medicine healers and teachers as well as been initiated as a Dharma yogini in the Nyingmapa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism having trekked through the Himalayas: Nepal, Bhutan and India with a Tibetan Master Khenpo Guru Thinley. She’s taken Bodhisattva vows to continue to reincarnate to help liberate sentient beings until Samsara is empty and all beings are fully liberated, self-actualised and enlightened.

She’s an avid researcher, truther and activist, she’s studied Common law, Constitutional Law, Ecclesiastical Law with law reform studies with the University of Ucadia, she’s the Vice President of her local anti-fluoride group BAFF (Barwon Action – Freedom From Fluoride) and has been on many Coal Seam Gas protests and blockades including the famous Bentley Blockade in Northern New South Wales. She moderates several groups on Facebook: Expose The Ring, The Official Sex & Spirit Group, and Water Fluoridation and Civil Disobedience.

Energetic healing modalities have been a primary fascination, so Professor Lionel Thomas taught her Energetic Chinese Medicine and Advanced (Simple Five Element Formula) SFEF Kinesiology, Body Systems and SFEFopathy a variation of homeopathy combined with kinesiology. SFEF Kinesiology has been re-named Quantum Kinesiology and Lionel and Eilish have in more recent times been busy developing an online academy now to share these advanced healing techniques since it has changed the lives of so many who were considered incurable or chronic. Reversing the symptoms of autism, cancer, HIV, acquired brain injury, infertility, heavy metal toxicity, endometriosis, phobias, habits such as smoking, leaning difficulties, scar tissue, and even age-reversal have been some of the success stories in her alternative medicine career. Eilish also is a firm believer in food as medicine and has cured herself of stage 3 cancer early in her healing career using common kitchen cupboard ingredients, Quantum kinesiology and homeopathy.

Eilish owes much of her success and good health to her amazing teachers and mentors along the way who have helped her become who she is today. She now wishes to pass on these valuable tools and train Quantum Kinesiology practitioners throughout the world via distance learning through the Quantum Kinesiology online Academy.

In 2015 Eilish started interviewing Navy Seal 9 William Brockbrader’s wife Eva Moore in a series of revealing interviews which she shared on her Youtube Channel eilishdeavalon and was delighted to join the Conscious Consumer Network team as a broadcast journalist. Her show is called We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For airs every Monday night 11 pm British Summer Time (Melbourne 8 am Tuesday) live on CCN.