SFEF Kinesiology with Chinese Energetic Medicine and SFEFopathy

Do you like the thought of accupuncture but can't handle the thought of needles?

Then SFEF Kinesiology is worth consideration. This Chinese Energetic Medicine technique can clear pain, fears, phobias, bad habits, unhealthy thought patterns, enhance the body's systems, organs and glands and re-balance the body so that it's functioning to it's optimum level, for the best benefit of the person. It can also remove 200,000 year old Jehovian seals (J-seals or Death seals) and other unnatural energetic degenertative implants as well as the aging code that was put into humans after the great flood mentioned in the Old Testament. SFEF Kinesiology is also known as SfefQi and it goes to the cause of the problem, using your own energy to swiftly remove the build-up of trauma from body and soul that generally blocks our healing.

USfefQi can assist in areas such as: Stress-Anxiety, Depression Fears and Phobias Allergies - Hay Fever, Eczema, Nutrition Chronic Illness Hormonal Balancing, PMT Performance Building Self Esteem Learning Difficulties Inner Peace and Tranquility Resolving past hurts
I can also offer Absent Healing (with direct banking deposit transfer)
Facial Blyss (see more in the beauty section)

Clinic sessions:

1 1/2 hr consultation $150

1 hr consultation $100

Facial Blyss $100

I come from a long line of Hungarian/Transylvanian intuitive clairvoyants and I've been psychic all my life..

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient which means I have psychic vision, hearing and feeling and can see auras, spirits and can communicate with them too..

I have consulted famous people, helped police in their missing persons/homicide investigations and often commune with deceased loved ones in the spirit world because I am a gifted spirit medium too. I also offer past life insights either through my own visions or can take you on your own past life regressional therapy to help you with issues you may have in this life and to help you find your correct soul path in this life.

My six month previews are also very popular. I'm an eerily accurate, profound clairvoyant and see if you're living to your fullest potential or on the right path.

I am a highly sought after internationally travelled psychic and have even offered my services to psychic hotlines all over Australia in the past and even at the odd psychic/new age expo and at other public venues. My insights are purely confidential and whatever you divulge will go no further, and I invite you to record the reading on your smart phone if you wish to keep a memento of your visit with me.

I specialise in relationships and careers, family issues and future loves, I utilize all the tools to help you: the tarot cards, my inner visions, spirit guide's words when I channel and also muscle testing for pin-point accuracy at health issues, dates, times and other lists or choices that you're finding difficult to make.

If you can't visit me for a face to face reading in Geelong (Victoria Australia), we can do a face-to-face online Skype reading with bank deposit from anywhere in the world (I have paypal) or we can chat on the phone. My Skype ID is eilishgoddess and we can discuss how long you'd like for a reading. They generally go for about an hour.

I also look at your numerology and astrology to give you added insights. You are welcome to bring photos so I can work out what your loved ones are thinking and even if they're being honest! I am also available for parties such as hen's nights or baby blessings, breast cancer fundraisers etc where you might wish to book my services for these party bookings. For group bookings please ring the Temple phone on 0410766848 so that I can secure your booking. I need at least a week's notice please so that I am not booked doing other functions.

Public Speaking & Singing, Community Chanting and Music Therapy

If you'd like a celebrant or an MC for your inspirational gathering or rite of passage, I'm here for your special occasion. I'm warm, funny, engaging and being a former journalist, I use my wordsmith skills to create a wonderful enchanting atmosphere to celebrate your special occasion.

I perform at corporate engagements, inspirationally speaking to those in business, schools and at public gatherings where my services might be required. I am a natural-born story teller and intuitive wise woman so my stories, humour and adventurous tales may evoke your emotions with my engaging ways. I'm an initiated Priestess so if it's for a sacred rite of passage such as a commitment ceremony, baby naming or funeral, I'm proud to offer you my services. I am also an accomplished singer so I can offer a musical element to my public performances and currently perform in Geelong and around Melbourne.

Community Chanting

I play the Harmonium, (a keyboard) and the sitar, I chant devotional songs in various languages such as Sanskrit, Hebrew, Portugese and perform at chanting circles in Victoria and New South Wales. The usually two hour public performance devotional music immersion involves about one hour of kirtan followed by an hour of sound healing and meditation. .

Vibrational Music Therapy

In addition to my other healing modalities, I am proud to offer Harmonic Healing as a form of music therapy to my clients using various musical tools including the Elfen Chimes, shamanic rattles, vegan medicine drub, the sitar, the harmonium and my voice. The sound vibrations emitted by the Elfen energy chimes are rich in natural harmonics, the natural healing component of music, triggering alertness, concentration and deep states of relaxation and affects every aspect of the body, vibrationally via the neural pathways and light frequencies that the sound influences

I use both the Elfen Chakra chimes and the 13 Tones of Creation which are used to give a deeply relaxing balancing non-invasive sound massage. Music Therapy has an emotional impact on the listener and is a simple, effective way to relax, balance and de-stress, dissolving energy blockages through sound resonance. The wonderful work of Masuro Emoto illustrates just how much of an impact sound, frequency, word and intention form on the energy field of the body, looking at simple water molecules and as our bodies are 80-90% water, isn't it any wonder that vibrational healing can have such a profound impact on the human body? Come and try a sound bath in the Temple, a truly transformative experience which will leave you floating and completely cleansed from all tensions.

Drift away to another world with this form of massage,

escape from the mundane world and enter the sacred, consecrated grounds of the Temple of Eilish, where I will give you my undivided attention for as long as you want the massage to take

The technique I use is a combination of Hawaiian LomiLomi Kahuna and Bodywork techniques combined with intuitive healing practices to give you a relaxing, holistic healing full body massage treatment that both invigorates and refreshes the body, using Chinese Medicine principles of clearing meridians of the body and renewing tired and sore muscles with flowing, rhythmic massage techniques. I also practice reflexology and aroma therapy which I combine in my massages to stimulate all systems of the body through the knowledgeable power of holistic touch.

Massage is a systemic and scientific manipulation of body tissues, performed with the hands, and arms for therapeutic effect on the nervous and muscular systems and on systemic circulation. Indians used massage as a healing therapy 5000 years ago, the Chinese used it more than 3000 years ago, later the Greek physician, Hippocrates used friction in the treatment of sprains and dislocations.

Holistic Massage heals all levels, of mind, emotion, body and spirit, whereas more physical massages only concentrate on the anatomy and physiology of the patient and overlook the big picture. Holistic healing methods treat the whole person as opposed to just parts of the body, and this involves sensitivity, intuition, and a degree of emotional and spiritual attunement to the client. This is the sort of massage I specialize in.

Massage is used to relieve pain and reduce swelling, to relax muscles, and to speed the healing process following strain and sprain injuries, or for general feelings of relaxation and well-being. Regularly receiving massage can help boost the immune system and prevent the onset of certain illnesses.

Massage may not always be recommended with certain illnesses such as certain forms of cancer, it's best if you consult your physician if you have any concerns about massage applying to your particular ailment. With these cautions aside, massage can benefit many areas in your life including the following: Physical and mental stress reduction


Reduced blood pressure

Improved blood and lymph circulation

Loosening of tight and contracted muscles

Stimulation of weak muscles

Relief of aches and pains, including chronic arthritis and tension headaches

More rapid recovery from accidents or illness

Balancing of the nervous system

Better concentration

Deeper sleep

Clearer, healthier skin

Improvement in blood supply to the organs of the body.

It has been shown that the oxygen-bearing capacity of the blood increases up to 15% after massage. Massage can also help to disperse the waste products generated in muscles by exercise thus avoiding pain or cramp. It is also effective in combating stress. Stress is a major factor in about 80% of illnesses, which means that regular massage can be an important aspect of keeping healthy. Cases of other illnesses and disorders that have been shown to be ameliorated by various massage techniques include autism, post-traumatic stress syndrome, digestive disorders, asthma, allergies, depression and many more.

A variety of healing aromatherapy essences are used in the heated oils to add another dimension to the effects of this sensual, flowing, rhythmic healing technique. I operate in a climate controlled room and use a divine heated massage table, and of course, ethical client draping is used so at no time the client feels vulnerable or prone

What do others say about my services

D . "I can't thank you enough for your visit - you left us both feeling so empowered and peaceful, it was one of the best experiences we have been privileged enough to enjoy in our own home. I felt so bad that I couldn't offer you more financially - what you gave us left us wanting to give you something tangible in return. I hope it in some way makes up for the lack of financial offering, knowing that you giving so much of your time and your knowledge really meant something special to us. Thanks again; we felt privileged to have you in our home, and your visit has given us both the courage to go forward in areas where we felt unsure in our own abilities." Haunted house clients, Robyn, Roger, Keith and Sam, Grovedale.

"I felt very relaxed indeed, I highly recommend the double Lomi Lomi session with Eilish and Miki, I've tried others, but this is the best!" Massage client, David, factory worker, Geelong

"I had such stiff, tired and sore muscles, but after a lovely hot oil massage with Eilish, I felt like I could move without pain again!" Massage client, Mary-beth, admin clerk, Melbourne

"I'm always looking after other people and thought I'd go and get myself an Indian Head Massage and I'm totally hooked. Eilish, your energy is so nurturing and loving, it felt like a mother's embrace when you were working on me, thankyou! I'll be back" Indian Head Massage client, Heather, stay at home mum of two, East Geelong.

"I didn't know where else to bring my little boy Angus, and I must say your way with children is really special and heart-warming. He's not angry any more. He doesn't wet the bed anymore and it was a complete shock to me that he had past life issues that came out in your healing session, that were the root cause of his fears. We didn't really understand why he was so paralysed with fear, but now that we know and he was able to access his past life memories on how he died in a shipwreck, he's not afraid of taking swimming lessons anymore and he's a completely changed boy. Thank you Eilish, I will be recommending you to friends. Sandy, mother of Angus, Belmont.

You really taught me how to put make up on and gave me such a totally different look, my husband thought he had a new woman! The way you applied the make up really brought out my eyes, you're truly an artist! Thank you Eilish for giving me a wonderful make over, the eyebrow shaping and the make up is absolutely gorgeous and my husband is a very happy man too! Robyn, Newcomb.

"I couldn't move I had such a sore, stiff back, , now I can touch my toes, and you did that with just a massage, wow, Eilish, thank you, I feel like a new person!" Janet, Barwon Heads.

"Such a soothing, mystical experience, much more than a massage, like a journey into another world, I came out a new person with a whole new perspective. I've also made a commitment to myself to take care of myself more often, thanks Eilish for showing me that I am worth this TLC" Ben Jackson, Sales Rep, Melbourne.